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Early Years is an area within its own right and we must make sure provision is developmentally appropriate for this age range.

Created by Early Childhood, Physical Activity and Movement Play Specialist, Helen Battelley, this course is suitable for anyone working with children aged 3—7 years and it will be instrumental for your future practice in PE and physical activity provision.

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of children and young people meet the current CMO guidelines of 60 minutes of physical activity each day

children and young people do less than an average of 30 minutes of physical activity a day

the number of newly qualified primary teachers who begin their careers with only six hours or less training to teach PE

of primary teachers reported low confidence in the delivery of PE

the time pupils should be taught high-quality PE each week

of primary teachers reported low PE subject knowledge 

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Aspire:ED Membership is designed for those involved in teaching or leading PE, school sports and physical activity. Our goal is to help you enhance your knowledge, skills and confidence in the fight against inactivity. And because we know you are busy, our CPD resources are available whenever, wherever and however you need them. 

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Supporting your professional development by boosting your knowledge, skills and confidence to raise the profile of PESSPA in your school.

Embedding a powerful physical curriculum:


(Learning hours: 6)

Consider what you want children to learn and become as you develop your understanding of a high-quality physical curriculum; appreciate its value, set standards and establish expectations.



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Embedding a powerful physical curriculum:


(Learning hours: 15)

Devise an implementation plan setting out a high-quality physical curriculum, effective use of resources, impactful teaching, constructive planning and useful assessment. Meet expectations, deliver results and enable children to feel success and confidence in their physical being.

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Embedding a powerful physical curriculum:


(Learning hours: 9)

Discover the difference you’ve made to your pupils with an impact assessment and evaluation system that works. Establish whether pupils are meeting expectations, evaluate their level of progression, discern how you can increase impact and become a leader of change.

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Anna Grant - PE Coordinator and Primary School Teacher


“These bite-sized courses are good for busy teachers.

The 'Embedding a Powerful Curriculum' course really suits those new to being a PE Coordinator who have not already written their statements of intent, implementation, and impact.”



Robbie Webb - PE Specialist and Primary School Teacher

"It's great being able to pick up where I left off whenever I chose, more so with being in a very hectic job and lifestyle."

“The content of the 'Embedding a Powerful Curriculum' course has been brilliant. Very informative and worthwhile. So easy to put it into context, which makes it easier to use in my role.

Have recommended to my colleagues across two schools. Fantastic CPD.”


Get the steps to plan, deliver and measure a high-quality physical curriculum.


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Aspire:ED gives you everything you need to become a confident leader and teacher of primary Physical Education. We inspire existing and aspiring primary PE leads who are passionate about raising the profile of PE, school sport and physical activity in their school.

Aspire:ED learners understand the importance of a high-quality physical curriculum for all pupils. We need children to be competent and excel in a range of physical activities, be more active more often, succeed in competitive sport and activities, and lead healthy, active lives.

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A world in which more children, are more active, more often. 

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