Don't be scared of healthy competition




Episode 9: Don't be scared of healthy competition

With just shy of 30,000 followers, Emily is well-known in the Teacher Twittersphere. She’s known for her love of books, stationery, and initiating #TeacherSelfcareSunday which aims to help teachers focus on their own wellbeing and banish Sunday blues.

Just as she is always generous with her ideas and resources, Emily has taken time out of her busy week to give us her views on PE, in this week’s episode of The Primary PE Huddle.


Who is Emily Weston?

Emily has been teaching for eight years, predominantly in Year 6, although she has also spent one year working in Secondary as a Transition Teacher. With a real passion for this area of education, she now leads CPD on the subject, as well as creating resources and finding new ways to make the process easier for children. Alongside this, she has been Reading Lead, which is another area she has passion and drive to develop in schools.

Having played a whole range of sports throughout her own childhood and teen years, she knows what a vital place it has within schools not just to stay physically healthy, but mentally too.

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What’s covered in the podcast?

In this episode, Emily and Dan talk about:

  • Using PE to teach the resilience that is needed across the curriculum.
  • Why getting reluctant pupils involved is essential – and how to do it.
  • How PE Leads can support teachers who haven’t always had a positive relationship with PE.


 Available to listen now wherever you get your podcasts.


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