Agenda and Keynote speaker announcement: WMPESS Conference 2021

The West Midlands PE and School Sport Conference is only a few weeks away and we are thrilled to be able to show you the agenda for the day. We’ve packed a lot into a single day to make it really worth your while coming along.


Take a look at the agenda below and you’ll see there are keynote speakers, three sessions where you will have a choice of practical or theoretical workshops, several opportunities for networking, and plenty of refreshment and movement breaks. 

We will be welcoming Caroline Sidell as a keynote speaker, presenting on the important topic of Building a whole school wellbeing strategy.


‘Wellbeing’ is a term that has been used to describe a multitude of activities and can mean different things to different people. Caroline is here to help you make sure what you’re doing is meaningful and will have a positive and lasting impact on your school community.


Caroline is the perfect person to talk about health and wellbeing in schools. She has a background as a PE teacher and Assistant Headteacher, and was once awarded Sunday Times PE teacher of the Year. Since then, Caroline has founded Via Vita Health where she dedicates her enthusiasm, commitment and professionalism to developing and enhancing corporate health and wellbeing practices.


Caroline also leads on Health and Wellbeing and is part of the strategy team for PiXL which is a national education organisation.


In her keynote speech at the conference, Caroline will cover:

  • Current health and wellbeing guidance for schools
  • How to build a school wellbeing strategy
  • Top tips to support pupils with health and wellbeing


Don’t miss out on this important talk. If you haven’t got your ticket yet, you can read more about the conference and book a place here



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