Aspire Launches On Demand Distance Learning Platform To Deliver Training To Primary Schools

In response to the market’s need to provide more accessible and flexible training opportunities for primary school teachers keen to enhance physical education provision, Aspire has launched Aspire:ED.


Aspire:ED delivers on-demand training through digital technology, making it possible for teachers to train anytime, anywhere and on any device


Paul Griffiths, Owner at Aspire and creator of Aspire:ED, explains: “Even before the pandemic, busy educators found it difficult to make time for professional development. Now, whilst schools focus on the maintenance of a safe environment during the global pandemic, this issue is compounded.


“Schools are reluctant to allow external training providers on site, many schools are battling low staffing levels whilst teachers isolate and the provision of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for teachers has slipped down the priority list.


“Despite the challenges, the importance of CPD, especially in the area of  Physical Education (PE), School Sport and Physical Activity (PESSPA), remains critical to the ongoing development  of childrens’ physical and mental competencies.”


40 per cent of newly qualified primary teachers profess to having completed less than 6 hours of dedicated training in the delivery of PE1. It is therefore not surprising that, according to information obtained by Aspire during the last 5 years of the PE Curriculum Support (PECS) programme, 60 per cent of primary teachers admit to having ‘low confidence’ when it comes to their ability to deliver PE. This, at a time, when, according to Sport England research,  only 19 per cent of children are meeting the Chief Medical Officer’s recommended minimum 60 minutes of activity a day, leads to a significant cause for concern.  


Aspire:ED breaks down barriers by making training more flexible and accessible. Training content is delivered via on-demand, recorded tutorials with teachings contextualised through the provision of resources, templates and tasks. Teachers can complete tutorials and tasks at times that suit, helping to incorporate training and development into busy schedules and unrestricted by geographical or social distancing boundaries.


Paul adds: “The removal of geographical barriers also means we will be able to link learners to a much wider array of experts, potentially from around the world. There is so much talent out there and so much we can learn from others practicing in different environments .I see this as a huge advantage to this form of delivery.”


Aspire:ED launched this month, with the release of a new training course: Embedding a Powerful Physical Curriculum in Your Primary School. The course is aimed at teachers who are new to a PE coordinators role or teachers who wish to enhance their career progression credentials. The intent is for the course to become a feeder for the Aspire Level 5 Certificate in Primary School PE Specialism, providing a clear development pathway for any primary teacher or coach keen to develop skills in the area of PE programming and implementation.


Developed by Crichton Casbon, a nationally and internationally recognised expert in the physical curriculum, Embedding a Powerful Physical Curriculum in Your Primary School is a three-part course which requires approximately 30 hours to complete. The course is self-paced, enabling learners to dedicate time when it is available, and covers three areas: Intent, Implementation and Impact.


Casbon, comments: “The course is designed to enable the successful design, implementation and analysis of Physical Curriculum in primary school.


“Recognising the lack of confidence many teachers have in the delivery of physical education, the course is designed to develop learner confidence through skill and information acquisition that can be easily applied to a practical setting.”


Work is already underway developing new courses, including supporting the physical education of SEND pupils and basic to elite Gymnastics courses.


Paul Griffiths, adds: “Moving forwards, we will  add a suite of bite-sized courses to the Aspire:ED platform. Our ambition is to provide teachers with the skills and confidence they need to be able to provide a high quality, outcomes based, Physical Education programme which is embedded in school life and inspires children to participate.”


Crichton Casbon will be talking to Dan Hays, Development Executive at Aspire, about the importance of developing and embedding a physical curriculum in a live webinar for primary school PE Leaders on Thursday, November 26, at 4pm. To sign up for free, visit:


For more information about Aspire, visit



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