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We’ve recently added two new printable resources which are bound to be popular this winter. Make sure you check them out!  

Wet Weather Task Cards 

Wet play can ruin everyone’s day. Children feel cooped up and can’t get their excess energy out; Lunchtime supervision staff spend the time sorting out arguments and trying to get the volume down; Teachers have to deal with the fallout for the rest of the afternoon. 

But what if it could be different? 

This set of cards is packed full of ideas for how to get children active even when they need to stay indoors. We’ve got ideas for games which require minimal equipment but that will help burn some energy, keep children engaged and hopefully make wet play a lot less painful for everyone.  


English on the Move Christmas Activities 

These festive, physically active learning English activities will keep your pupils active, engaged and thinking during the run up to Christmas. Not just a time filler, these resources are a great way of revising spellings, homophones, synonyms and antonyms. It’s quick to prepare too: all you need to do is print the resource and set the activity up in the classroom or hall. No other equipment is required. 

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