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How do you measure the quality of your primary school’s PE?

Uncategorized Feb 17, 2021

How do you know if your school’s primary PE, sport and physical activity (PESSPA) is high-quality?

Is it what it needs to be in order to equip children with the knowledge, skills and confidence to lead healthy lives?

To work this out, you need to objectively measure it against the Department for Education’s five key indicators.

But this throws up challenges.

For one, how can you make sure you’re being objective?

Also, what is actually meant by “measure”, practically speaking?

And even if you could reach an objective result, what do you do then?

All of this is solved by the new Primary School PE Scorecard.


What is the Primary School PE Scorecard?

40 quick-fire questions you can answer in under 5 minutes.

The Scorecard benchmarks your current PESSPA offering against the DfE’s five key indicators.

Created by primary school PE and children’s activity specialists, the bespoke algorithm measures the quality of your school’s offering, calculating a percentage for each indicator.

Each percentage is paired with tools, resources and actionable advice.

Because the purpose of the Scorecard isn’t just to give you a bunch of numbers.

The purpose of it is to give you a picture of where your school is now, to celebrate your successes and identify how you can continually level-up, achieving the quality of PESSPA needed for children to lead healthy lives.


What are the DfE’s five key indicators?

The five indicators against which the Scorecard measures your school’s PE, sport and physical activity are: 

30:30 Activity

Engage all children in at least 30 minutes of physical activity a day at school and inspire a further 30 minutes at home.


Profile of PESSPA

Elevate PE, school sport and physical activity as a tool for whole-school improvement.


Commitment to staff development

Support staff development in the effective teaching of PE and sport.



Encompass a broad range of sports and activities to develop children’s skills and expand interests.



Create opportunity for competition and, in turn, inspire teamwork, perseverance, empathy and tenacity.


The extent to which you are fulfilling these five areas determines your Scorecard results.


How does the Scorecard work?

  1. Answer 40 quick-fire questions based on the 5 key indicators of high-quality PESSPA
  2. Our bespoke algorithm calculates your score for each of the 5 key indicators, plus your overall score.
  3. Your score for each indicator is explained and paired with tools, resources and actionable advice.
  4. A full in-depth and personalised report is emailed to you.
  5. Put your report into practice so your school’s PESSPA prospers.


What do you get by taking the Scorecard?

  • Percentage result for each of the five key indicators and an overall percentage
  • A collection of tools, resources and actionable advice tailored to your school for each indicator
  • An in-depth personalised report emailed to you
  • EBook - A ten step guide to implementing a physical curriculum in your primary school
  • Optional 1:1 free PE, school sport and physical activity health check



How many times can you take the Scorecard?

“What gets measured gets improved”

This doesn’t have to be a one-time thing, ideally it won’t be.

Because it’s only by continually measuring the quality of your school’s PESSPA that it can continually improve.

It is this cycle of measurement and improvement that ensures your school equips children with the knowledge, skills and confidence to lead active lives.

Take the scorecard. Get your results. Action the advice. See the impact. Repeat.

A reliable tool to re-visit throughout your teaching career.


What do teachers say about the Primary School PE Scorecard?



Take the scorecard now and in 5 minutes you’ll have a plan of action for your primary school's PESSPA.


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