S3 Finale: Best bits!

Uncategorized Jun 01, 2022

The series 3 finale of The Primary PE Huddle is here and what a series it’s been!

For this final episode, we’re taking a look back over the series to bring you the very best insights, advice and words of wisdom.


Who’s joined us on the podcast this series?

Series 3 has seen us welcome a whole host of experts from the field of primary education:


Episode 1:  “We don’t move for functional reasons, we move for the joy of it” with Greg Dryer, co-founder and CEO of miMove


Episode 2:  “Once you’ve got the ear of SLT, then it’s about delivering on your promises” with John Haycock, PE lead at Chilcote Primary School


Episode 3:  “Let's make learning irresistible” with Bryn Llewellyn, founder of Tagtiv8


Episode 4:“My PE teachers were my heroes” with Shaun Dowling, Head of Sport at United Learning


Episode 5: “Engagement over compliance” with Deputy Headteacher Liam Gould and PE Lead Teresa Shackleton from Wodensfield Primary School


Episode 6:  “You’re not on your own” with Louisa Mulvey, class teacher and PE Coordinator


A big thank you to all our series 3 guests for joining us and sharing your experiences, thought-provoking insights, and inspirational ideas to embed a “top-down physically active ethos” in primary schools!


Listen to “Series 3 Best Bits” now or catch up on all six episodes wherever you get your podcasts.



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