Every cloud has a silver lining, and this one is called Kevin.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, we are sorry to announce that keynote speaker Caroline Sidell will not be able to join us at the WMPESS Conference  next week. We hope to collaborate with Caroline in the future so that you don’t miss out on hearing from her, so watch this space!

Don’t be too disappointed though (and don’t think you’re getting an extra long lunch!) because every cloud has a silver lining: Kevin Pace has kindly agreed to step into Caroline’s place.

An experienced teacher, school governor and author, Kevin is Director of the SUMO4Schools Foundation, a community interest, not-for-profit company which works with schools and other organisations to improve the lives of young people, professionals and parents.

Kevin’s keynote - Resilience in the Classroom starts in the Staffroom - will explore ways in which SUMO can support the wellbeing of staff and students in education settings. 

He summarises it in three points:

  • Resilience...
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WMPESS Conference: Final keynote speaker announcement

This year's WMPESS conference will be held on 12th November in Edgbaston. For those who have been following the journey of this exciting event, you will probably know that two of our keynote speakers have already been announced. Our final keynote speaker for this year's conference has now been confirmed and we are delighted to announce that Greg Dryer will be presenting on 'Supporting all your pupils in developing a physical activity habit'.

In this keynote you will have a chance to think about:

  • The key messages children hear about physical activity and whether or not they are effective
  • How we might be able to present physical activity in a more inclusive way to support more children
  • How this would play out in curriculum content and in school sport and physical activity


Greg will also be leading a workshop: Defining (and staying in) our lane.

He explains: “Physical education, school sport and physical activity is pulled from pillar to post by policy makers, the...

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