Aspire Launches On Demand Distance Learning Platform To Deliver Training To Primary Schools

In response to the market’s need to provide more accessible and flexible training opportunities for primary school teachers keen to enhance physical education provision, Aspire has launched Aspire:ED.


Aspire:ED delivers on-demand training through digital technology, making it possible for teachers to train anytime, anywhere and on any device


Paul Griffiths, Owner at Aspire and creator of Aspire:ED, explains: “Even before the pandemic, busy educators found it difficult to make time for professional development. Now, whilst schools focus on the maintenance of a safe environment during the global pandemic, this issue is compounded.


“Schools are reluctant to allow external training providers on site, many schools are battling low staffing levels whilst teachers isolate and the provision of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for teachers has slipped down the priority list.


“Despite the challenges, the importance of CPD,...

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