Embedding a Powerful Physical Curriculum:

Implementation Module


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Unit 3 - Using your curriculum tools well

How do you put together a high-quality PE curriculum programme that has Breadth, Balance, Depth, Significance and Challenge?

Breadth, Balance, Depth, Significance and Challenge; 5 critical aspects comprising a high-quality PE Curriculum programme.

Unit 3 shows you what this means in practical terms, what to do with the resources you have to deliver on those 5 words.

Selecting suitable activities, allocating sufficient time, making the most of the people around you and leveraging available spaces; all are considered, explained and illustrated in order for you to see and understand exactly how to put together a high-quality PE curriculum programme.

Unit 4 - Building a fulfilled physical life

The big question: What makes an effective wider physical curriculum?

As the ‘big question’ suggests, we’re not just talking about PE here, we’re talking about the physical curriculum as a whole (side note – this is covered in Module 1, if you want to refresh your knowledge on the differences).

You’ll articulate the value of the wider physical curriculum, plan a powerful playtime, launch school clubs and develop effective cross-curriculum links, ultimately rendering the physical curriculum the heartbeat of your school.

Unit 5 - The best teachers and teaching in the world

The big question: What makes the best teaching and teachers in the world?

A teacher is who you are, teaching is what you do. 

Stating the obvious perhaps, yet it is essential to first distinguish the two, understanding what it means to excel in both and achieve a combination that builds learners’ confidence and capability.

Examining the characteristics of a teacher and the actions of teaching, Unit 5 supports you with establishing your own repertoire, enabling you to achieve that outstanding combination.

Unit 6 - Success is not an accident – plan to succeed

The big question: What do teachers do to make their planning outstanding?

As a teacher, you’re no stranger to planning.

Unit 6 draws on this knowledge and illustrates the fundamentals of outstanding planning.

Work through the three tiers of planning, the underpinning principles and the elements of planning for memorable learning.

Planning templates for you to analyse and use are supplied, offering simple and effective mechanisms that make learning come alive. Planning can be complex and time consuming; what you will gain in this unit is a process of planning that adheres to the desired principles whilst being quick, sharp and collaborative with pupils, allowing lessons to flow as an ever-growing sequence of learning which builds confidence and capability.

Unit 7 - Simple and useful assessment

The big question: What makes simple and effective assessment?

Does the word assessment make you sigh and cause you worry?

Unit 7 can help change that.

Day to day assessment is essential to developing and improving learning. Don’t worry, we’re not about to add to your workload, what is actually on offer is an assessment approach that is short, simple and effective.

Implementation is only possible with assessment, if you haven’t assessed, how do you know what to plan, what to teach? Without assessment you won’t know the next step.

Completing this unit, you will gain a lesson planning framework within which assessment is built, a recording tool that suits you and your children, and a report template recognising learning and development.

Embedding a Powerful Physical Curriculum:

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Intent, implementation and impact make up one whole, that whole being a powerful physical curriculum embedded in your primary school. Each of the three modules feed into and strengthen one another; they form a cyclical process, one which you will gain in full. On completion of the course, you will have a fully formed, ready to action plan for your school’s physical curriculum and will have saved £250 in the process.

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