The Primary PE Huddle

The Primary PE Huddle

Hosted by: Dan Hays & Paul Warner

Through this podcast series, Dan Hays and Paul Warner, from Aspire Active Education, aim to discover the power behind PE School Sport and Physical Activity in primary schools, the impact this has on the whole school,...


Season 3 Finale: The Best Bits!

Season #3 Episode #7

The series 3 finale of The Primary PE Huddle is here and what a series it’s been!For this final episode, we’re taking a look back over the series to bring you the very best insights, advice and words of wisdom. Who’s...
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You’re not on your own, Louisa Mulvey

Season #3 Episode #6

This week on the podcast we’re joined by class teacher and PE Coordinator Louisa Mulvey. Who is Louisa Mulvey?Louisa is a qualified teacher based in Hampshire. Louisa has been working in primary schools since 2014...
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My PE teachers were my heroes, Shaun Dowling

Season #3 Episode #4

This week on the podcast we welcome United Learning’s Head of Sport Shaun Dowling. Who is Shaun Dowling?Shaun is Head of Sport at United Learning, a national group of primary, secondary and all-through schools across...
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Let's make learning irresistible, Bryn Llewellyn

Season #3 Episode #3

In the words of a Key Stage 2 pupil, this week’s podcast guest “is a genius”.For episode 3 of The Primary PE Huddle, we welcome Tagtiv8  founder Bryn Llewellyn.  Who is Bryn Llewellyn?Bryn worked in multiple UK...
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Once you’ve got the ear of SLT, then it’s about delivering on your promises, John Haycock

Season #3 Episode #2

This week on the podcast we’re joined by primary school PE lead John Haycock. Who is John Haycock?John has been a teacher at Chilcote primary school for 11 years, both as PE and class teacher.Joining the school with a...
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We don’t move for functional reasons, we move for the joy of it. , Greg Dryer

Season #3 Episode #1

The Primary PE Huddle is back for Series 3 with a whole new host of experts from across the sport and physical activity sector.To kick off the series, we welcome Greg Dryer, co-founder and CEO of miMove. Who is Greg...
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Engagement over compliance, Liam Gould and Teresa Shackleton

Season #3 Episode #5

This week on the podcast we welcome two of the team from Wodensfield Primary School, Deputy Headteacher Liam Gould and PE Lead Teresa Shackleton. Who is Liam Gould?Liam is Deputy Headteacher of Wodensfield Primary...
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