About Aspire:ED 


Aspire:ED is a real time CPD product brought to you by Aspire Active Education Group. It has been born out of our mission to combat physical inactivity forever. 


We offer you a powerful new way to learn and develop your teaching knowledge, skills, and confidence online. Every Aspire:ED course is designed by experts, delivered by experts, and uses effective learning principles that give you the opportunity to seamlessly embed your learning into your day-to-day role. 


Who are we?

Aspire understand the importance embedding high-quality PE and school sport in primary education, using it as a tool for whole-school achievement 

To combat physical inactivity, we need children who are more physically literate. Therefore, we need children to experience higher quality PE lessons, taught by teachers who have heaps of confidence, an in-depth knowledge and a clear understanding of the subject. 

Aspire have almost two decades of experience supporting the delivery of Physical Education, sport, and physical activity engagement in primary schools throughout England. Our team also have an extensive track record of mentoring primary school teaching staff, upskilling the primary workforce, managing professional learning conferences and delivering a range of accredited qualifications, including the Level 5 Certificate in Primary School Physical Education Specialism 

We continue to work with a number of experts in our sector and are proud to be recognised as an approved provider by the Association for Physical Education (afPE) Professional Development Board. 

The power of PE, sport and physical activity is unparalleled. They help increase children’s life chances through improved wellbeing, healthier lifestyles and greater attainment. Every child has the right to access high-quality PE.  

A workforce that is confident and competent in the delivery of PE will help children be physically literate and physically and emotionally well. However, we need our nation to be more active and that starts in the primary years. Let's get more teachers confident enough to deliver high-quality PE lessons. Let's get more children engaged in sport and let’s get this underpinned by physical activity so we can combat this ticking time bomb. 

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