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Aspire:ED affiliation rewards you for promoting our platform to friends, colleagues and your social network. Whether as an individual you wish to generate a new stream of revenue or as an organisation you're wanting an edge on your local competition, to create a more diverse offering or to get your foot into another industry. There are no fees to pay and it just takes a couple of minutes to sign up. 

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4 step plan to boost teachers' knowledge, skills and confidence in Primary PE

1. They create their account

They join the Aspire:ED community to access resources, courses and support from experts

2. They sign up for a course

On demand, bite sized training courses, delivered by industry experts to you in real time

3. Enjoy the course

They work through their courses whenever, wherever and however they like

4. Make an impact

Now that they’ve boosted their knowledge, skills and confidence, they'll embed their learning and look to you for support!

How does the Aspire:ED Affiliate Scheme Work?

5 Ways you can promote Aspire:ED and get rewarded

Recommend us on social media and Facebook groups 

Message your contacts to let them know about Aspire:ED on Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Email

Write a blog post about Aspire:ED and the benefits it provides the user

Set up a page on your website with a focus and relevant content relating to Aspire:ED

Review the Aspire:ED platform  and tell people how they can sign up to Aspire:ED and what it will give them

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