1st4sport Level 2 Certificate in Coaching Multi-Skills Development in Sport


The only regulated multi-skills development qualification currently available.


As a PE teacher or coach, the wider your skillset, the better your odds of sparking lasting connections to sport. A solid foundation across a range of activities lets you confidently deliver a broad curriculum, providing more chances for pupils to engage with a game they love.

For many pupils, school PE and sport provide the mainstay of their physical activity. It’s when they learn Fundamental Movement Skills – from balancing to throwing a ball – that blossom into sporting talents and vital life tools like teamwork and taking part. It’s also when they discover the power of play. So expanding your skills through CPD doesn’t just benefit you. It gives pupils a better start in life. Our qualification gives you an essential grounding to elevate your career options and share healthy attitudes for life.  

With the 1st4sport Level 2 Certificate in Coaching Multi-Skills Development in Sport, you qualify to work as an independent multi-skills development coach in sport and physical activity. You’ll gain the knowledge and tools to coach multi-skills and enhance sessions with the principles of Fundamental Movement Skills and Fundamental Sports Skills.

If your career lies in physical education or school sport across the curriculum or you’re ready to develop young people of various ages in these areas, this qualification is for you.

Learning outcomes

By planning, delivering and reviewing a series of linked and progressive coaching sessions, you’ll learn how to apply the principles of Fundamental Movement Skills and Fundamental Sports Skills to your coaching, helping develop sustainably active habits. You will:  
  • Learn to plan, deliver, and review sessions focused on Fundamental Movement Skills or Sport Specific Skills
  • Qualify to work as an independent multi-skills development coach in sport and physical activity
  • Potentially gain paid employment or unpaid voluntary roles in coaching multi-skills, either working independently or as part of a coaching team
  • Elevate your coaching knowledge and skills, particularly if you work in a school environment
  • Boost your potential career opportunities by qualifying for roles such as an Activity Leader, Official or Sports Volunteer 
  • Gain 34 Guided Learning Hours and 169 hours Total Qualification Hours
  • Use the PE and School Sport Premium, Pupil Premium or CPD allocation to cover the cost.

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  • Get an overview of the qualification’s tasks, plus their aims and content.
  • Gain key tips on completing your Learner Portfolio for the full qualification.
  • Try out Task 1, focusing on the roles and responsibilities of a coach.
  • Understand the benefits that a coach brings, the importance of being a role model and how to build relationships and rapport.
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Ready for the full qualification? Here's what to expect

The 1st4sport Level 2 Certificate in Coaching Multi-Skills Development in Sport is an 11-part qualification. Tasks 1 to 9 are on-demand sessions on our Learning Platform. Tasks 10 and 11 happen in a working environment, and you’ll have a tutored practical day beforehand to help you prepare.

To earn your qualification, you’ll need to complete a learner portfolio, an in-person practical day and a face-to-face assessment day.

Task 1: The Role and Responsibilities of the Coach

This six-part task provides an overview of the role of a coach of linked and progressive sessions in multi-skills development. You’ll explore the benefits a coach brings, their influence as a role model and the importance of building relationships with others – from participants to parents. 

Task 2: Duty of Care

A seven-part task discussing how to protect both participants and you against safeguarding issues and allegations. Your learning will cover forms and signs of abuse, privacy and data protection responsibilities and additional considerations for coaching older teenagers and young adults. 

Task 3: Development Models

This three-part looks at long-term development through sport and physical activity, exploring how development stages apply to multi-skills coaching and examining the Youth Physical Development Model. 

Task 4: Nutrition and Hydration

In this task, you’ll learn about nutrition and hydration in coaching and sports development, covering the major food groups, the Eat Well Plate, balanced diets and avoiding dehydration during coaching sessions. You’ll also explore how poor nutrition and hydration can decrease performance levels.  

Task 5: Coaching Styles and Participant Development 

This task covers coaching styles and development. You’ll identify three coaching styles, three methods children learn differently from adults, three communication methods with two key features for each, and physical and psychological motivations for participation that can be achieved through coaching sessions.

Task 6: Inclusive Coaching Practice

This task shares inclusive coaching practices, including adapting activities to ensure children with disabilities or special needs can participate safely. You’ll learn protected characteristics, provide examples of adaptations and address barriers, such as age, gender and ability levels. 

Task 7: Fundamental of Movement (FoM) and Fundamental Movement Skills (FMS)

During this task, you’ll understand and define Fundamental Movement Skills (FMS) and their importance in child development. This includes providing examples of FMS, describing how FMS support child development and providing examples of different categories of FMS – from locomotion to agility. 

Task 8: Fundamental Sport Skills (FSS) 

This task outlines Sport Specific Skills (SSS) and their relationship to Fundamental Movement Skills (FMS). You’ll provide an accurate definition of Sport Specific skills, explain their link with FMS and illustrate principles that support game development.

Task 9: Safe Coaching Practice

In this qualification segment, you’ll discuss safe coaching practices and the importance of conducting risk assessments to identify potential hazards in the coaching environment. The task outlines safe equipment and set-up, incident response, hazard identification and health and safety checks.

Task 10: Plan, Deliver and Evaluate a Series of Linked and Progressive Multi-Skills Coaching Sessions

The task involves creating a linked and progressive coaching program with at least six sessions, focusing on aspects of FMS and SSS. You’ll consider planning, session aims and requirements, timings, coaching points and risk reduction.

Task 11: Practical Demonstration of Coaching

In your final task, you’ll plan, deliver and evaluate a session based on a different FSS topic than the linked sessions from Task 10.

1st4sport Level 2 Certificate in Coaching Multi-Skills Development in Sport

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