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FREE RESOURCE - Early Years Music and Physical Activity Resource


Music enhances mood and is a language we can all access, but how can we best use it in the Early Years? And where do you start when choosing a piece of music? In this resource you will find a wide range of music choices from different genres.

Each track is matched with a fun physical activity which is aimed at eliciting role play responses from children through adult-directed play.

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Get the steps to plan, deliver and measure a high-quality physical curriculum.


Written by Education Consultant and Aspire:ED course tutor Crichton Casbon,  the purpose of this eBook (worth £9.99) is to:


  • Inspire a love for and belief in the deep value of both Physical Education (PE) and the wider physical curriculum
  • Develop your ability to inspire children to live their physical lives to the full
  • Enhance your knowledge, understanding, and skill to create an outstanding physical curriculum in your primary school

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Aspire:ED December Newsletter 2021

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English on the Move: Christmas Activities 


These festive, physically active learning English activities will keep your pupils active, engaged and thinking during the run up to Christmas.

Not just a time filler, these resources are a great way of revising spellings, homophones, synonyms and antonyms.

It’s quick to prepare too: all you need to do is print the resource and set the activity up in the classroom or hall. No other equipment is required.


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Wet Weather Task Cards


The Wet Weather Task Cards pack is full of ideas for how to get children active even when they need to stay indoors.

You'll find ideas for games which require minimal equipment but that will help burn some energy, keep children engaged and hopefully make wet play a lot less painful for everyone.

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Staff PE Audit


A questionnaire to give out to staff to determine their feelings towards different aspects relating to the delivery of PE and the curriculum.

This will enable you to tailor your support and CPD for staff throughout the year, so that is most relevant and impactful.

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Inclusive Sports Day Resource


This resource helps you plan a circuit-based sports day for all primary school pupils' ages and abilities.

Incorporating challenges of throwing, jumping, and running the activities ensure that everyone is physically active and having lots of fun this sports day!

What's more, there is also an easy to personalise and use results table.

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Primary School Self Evaluation Tool


A checklist of key questions for you to use to review your current PESSPA offering. It will help you identify what is in place and works well, what needs developing further and what is missing completely.

Once the checklist has been completed, your school will have a clear benchmark for PESSPA in your school, objectives that need to be worked on, priorities identified based on outcomes and next steps to move forwards.

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PE & School Sport Notice Board template


A PE notice board enhances pupils’ learning of the physical curriculum. It's also a key criterion for the School Games Mark.

But how do you create one that is captivating in both style and substance without spending hours and hours you don’t have?

With this ready-made template you can download and print out right now.

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Delivering Outstanding PE Lessons


A PE lesson has the power to inspire children to lead active lives which is crucial to their health and well-being.

What does that PE lesson look like? Download the guide to find out.

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COVID-19 Safe PE Checklist


Navigating the current guidelines to ensure the safe delivery of PE can be an overwhelming task, but we all know that it’s an absolutely essential one. Children’s participation in PE and their activity levels can’t be compromised. So how can you be sure they’re not?

Download this checklist for a step-by-step guide that helps your colleagues, your pupils and their families stay safe.


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COVID Safe PE Activity Examples


What do Covid-19 safe PE lessons look like? This resource shows you, providing actual lesson plans covering different areas of the curriculum you can adopt.

With success criteria, Covid-19 safety points, learning activities and progressions outlined, this is a comprehensive resource you can embed straight into your teaching.

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Embedding a powerful physical curriculum:


(Learning hours: 6)

Consider what you want children to learn and become as you develop your understanding of a high-quality physical curriculum; appreciate its value, set standards and establish expectations.



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Embedding a powerful physical curriculum:


(Learning hours: 15)

Devise an implementation plan setting out a high-quality physical curriculum, effective use of resources, impactful teaching, constructive planning and useful assessment. Meet expectations, deliver results and enable children to feel success and confidence in their physical being.

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Embedding a powerful physical curriculum:


(Learning hours: 9)

Discover the difference you’ve made to your pupils with an impact assessment and evaluation system that works. Establish whether pupils are meeting expectations, evaluate their level of progression, discern how you can increase impact and become a leader of change.

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