Transforming primary sports education: A must-attend PESSPA webinar

Uncategorized Nov 27, 2023

Unlock the vast potential of primary sports education with our upcoming free webinar. Dive into the world of Physical Education, School Sports, and Physical Activity (PESSPA) in primary settings and discover how it can make an invaluable impact on children's lives.


An Enlightening and Engaging Webinar 
We are thrilled to announce an enlightening and engaging webinar hosted by James Latham on the development of PESSPA in primary education. James, a proud Trust PE Lead, has a BA Honours degree in Sports & Exercise Science and Business Management, and an MSc in PE & Well-being from Birmingham University. He specialises in youth sports and education, providing a unique blend of theoretical knowledge and practical expertise. 

Discover the Amazing Benefits of PESSPA
This webinar is perfect for those who are passionate about enhancing the positive impact of PESSPA on children's physical and mental well-being. Children who participate in regular physical activities...

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Mastering Behaviour Management: Empowering coaches to create a supportive environment for every pupil.

Are you a sports coach looking to create a supportive environment for every pupil? The new Behaviour Management course from Aspire:ED is here to help you empower your coaching techniques and positively impact your pupils' lives.

As a coach, you understand the importance of creating an inclusive and supportive environment for all children. PE, school sports, and physical activity enhance physical and mental well-being and teach valuable life skills. However, children come from different backgrounds and possess varying behavioural challenges, which can pose a challenge for coaches in primary schools.

To help you navigate these challenges, we've compiled some top tips for behaviour management.

  1. Reinforce positive behaviour even when you're not there: As a sports coach, it's essential to consistently reinforce positive behaviour, even when you're not physically present. We understand that periodic visits to primary schools can pose challenges in effectively managing behaviour....
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New qualification: 1st4sport Level 2 Certificate in Coaching Multi-Skills Development in Sport 

For most people, professional development means building new skills, enhancing performance and unlocking opportunities. For teachers and coaches, it means all those things and more.  

Because when you’re boosting children’s physical and mental health, expanding your knowledge base doesn’t just benefit you. It gives pupils a better start in life.  

According to Sport England, physically literate children are more likely to be active for the long term – but more than half of children aged five to 15 in England aren’t doing the recommended daily amount of exercise. 

For many pupils, school provides the mainstay of their physical activity. It’s where they learn Fundamental Movement Skills – from balancing to throwing a ball – that blossom into sporting talents and vital life tools like teamwork and taking part. It’s also where they discover the power of play.  

As an educator, the wider your...

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Benchmark and develop a sustainable strategy with the Aspire:ED PE Deep Dive Toolkit

Are you looking to assess your school's PE provision and develop a sustainable strategy for the upcoming academic year? Aspire:ED can help! 

Following the recent announcement from the DfE that the Primary PE and School Sport Premium will continue for the next 2 years, there has never been a better time to use Aspire:ED's PE Deep Dive Toolkit to benchmark your current provision and make long-term improvements. Our toolkit covers all aspects of the PE curriculum, from planning and assessment to best practices in provision. 

The toolkit includes practical guidance, templates, and examples to help you develop a whole-school approach to PE that promotes wellbeing and physical activity. You can be confident that your provision meets the latest government regulations and industry standards, as well as the needs of your pupils. 

We understand that PE provision can be challenging, which is why we have designed this toolkit to make your job easier. Our toolkit can help you...

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New course: Physically Active Learning in the Early Years

The foundations of our physical activity behaviours start in the earliest of years.

Children who develop physical literacy in the Early Years are more likely to enjoy being physically active, and they have lower morbidity and mortality across their life course.

Physical activity helps young children meet key physical development milestones, improve body control and strengthen bones and muscles. 

And it’s not just physical development, there’s a growing body of research linking physical activity to cognition and future academic performance.

But the Early Intervention Foundation’s parent polling suggests that less than 1 in 5 under 6s are getting the recommended amount of daily physical activity. 

Time, cost, and access are all barriers to children’s physical activity outside of a learning environment.

And so, it is crucial that children have an abundance of opportunity to be physically active within the learning environment.

Physically active...

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Webinar series: Prepare for your primary school’s PE Deep Dive

How can you not just survive but thrive when it comes to your school’s PE deep dive?

That’s what PE Consultant Vanessa King will be answering in our upcoming webinar series.

Drawing on her experience as a PE Lead with an MA in Primary Education, Vanessa will share her expertise over six half hour webinars to help you prepare for your school’s PE deep dive.

By the end of the series, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge and tools to demonstrate the quality of your school’s PE with confidence.

Each webinar will look at one of the six focus areas of an Ofsted PE deep dive:


Webinar 1: Curriculum

Thursday 12th January - 4.30pm – 5pm


Webinar 2: Pedagogy

Thursday 19th January - 4.30pm – 5pm


Webinar 3: Assessment

Thursday 26th January - 4.30pm – 5pm


Webinar 4: Culture

Thursday 2nd February - 4.30pm – 5pm


Webinar 5: Systems

Thursday 9th February - 4.30pm – 5pm


Webinar 6:...

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Memorable moments from The Active Primary Schools Conference 2022

The Active Primary Schools Conference took place on 25th November 2022 and was the biggest conference to date.

And no, we’re not just talking about the screen (see the photos below).

Over 90 primary school PE teachers, senior leaders, business managers and governors booked to join us at Millennium Point, all on a mission to boost their PE, school sport and physical activity offering.

The conference was a full day of:

  • keynotes from industry experts;
  • practical and theory-based workshops;
  • and a marketplace full of innovative resources and services

…all with one core goal: To help primary schools engage more children in positive physical activity experiences, enabling those children to lead healthier and happier lives.

Valuable ideas, evidence, case studies, stories, insights, and good practice all were shared, providing schools with action plans they could embed right away.

Keep reading for a round-up of the day’s highlights:


The critical ingredient:...

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The Active Primary Schools Conference 2022: Sponsors

We’re delighted to be headline sponsors of The Active Primary Schools Conference 2022 alongside The PE Hub!

Supporting primary schools to increase the quality of their PE, sport and physical activity is at the heart of the conference.

Which is why we’re a sponsor.

Because it’s at the heart of what we do too.

A bit about us

The first ten years of a child’s life provides a critical window for creating a lifelong commitment to physical activity.

And so, if physical inactivity is to be a thing of the past, high-quality PE, school sport and physical activity delivered by teachers who have heaps of confidence, in-depth knowledge and a clear understanding of those areas is essential.

That’s where Aspire:ED comes in. Launched by Aspire Training Solutions, Aspire:ED is a hub of courses and resources you can access wherever, whenever and however you choose; it’s on-demand CPD to master the delivery of primary PE.

The platform offers you a powerful new...

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Announcing our charity partner: The Wilson Stuart School Fund

We’re proud to be supporting The Wilson Stuart School Fund, our charity partner for this year’s conference.

The Wilson Stuart School Fund raises money to support Wilson Stuart School, a special school for students aged 2-19 years.

The school caters for students from early years all the way through to post-16 with complex physical disabilities and medical needs.

The Wilson Stuart School Fund is raising money to purchase an Acheeva learning station.

The Acheeva uses Symmetrisleep positioning elements to provide support in supine, prone or side lying, allowing students who cannot sit in their wheelchairs all day to join in all classroom activities.

As our charity partner, all profits from the conference will go to The Wilson Stuart School Fund, helping the school support all students to enjoy school and achieve their full potential.

What is The Active Primary Schools Conference?

The conference is a full day event for primary schools to gain knowledge, confidence and a bank...

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Practical workshop: Outdoor Adventurous Activities

Gain practical ideas to deliver effective Outdoor Adventurous Activities (OAA) lessons whilst making the most use of your own site.

Founder of Open Minds, teacher, consultant, Physical & Adventure Education, PSHE and behavioural expert Michael Chamberlain is joining us at this year’s conference to deliver a practical workshop you won’t want to miss.

 Who is Michael Chamberlain?

Michael has over 25 years of educational experience in and out of the classroom environment. Over the years, Michael has gained vast experience delivering dynamic activities to people of all ages and abilities, and providing schools with solutions which ensure that teaching and learning are fully inclusive, with children receiving an enriching experience throughout their school life.

What will you gain from the workshop?

For class teachers, PE co-ordinators, PSHE co-ordinators, Learning Mentors, Key Stage Leaders, this workshop will provide a full session of practical activities that...

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