Embedding a Powerful Physical Curriculum:

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Imagine you have three wishes for the children you teach. What would those three wishes be?


Happiness, health and success?

Every day you’re supporting your children in making these a reality.

And this course can help you do just that, advancing your development, to bolster theirs.


By enabling you to design and implement a powerful physical curriculum in your primary school.

To continually develop and work on your physical being is proven to make people happier, healthier and more successful. Providing valuable insight into how to realise a vision of excellence for primary school PE, sport and physical activity, this course renders the physical curriculum the heartbeat of your school.

The central INTENTIONS of the course is for you to develop your:

  1. Love for and belief in the deep value of both physical education (PE) and the wider physical curriculum
  2. Ability to inspire children to live their physical lives to the full
  3. Knowledge, understanding and skill to create an outstanding physical curriculum in the primary school 

In achieving these intentions, we anticipate you will develop and show:

  1. More self-confidence and a greater pride in your teaching / coaching
  2. A greater sense of personal well-being as a leader of the physical curriculum
  3. The joy of learning and desire to create physically educated children and active schools

Module 1 - Intent

Consider what you want children to learn and become as you develop your understanding of a high-quality physical curriculum; appreciate its value, set standards and establish expectations.

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Module 2 - Implementation

Devise an implementation plan setting out a high-quality physical curriculum, effective use of resources, impactful teaching, constructive planning and useful assessment. Meet expectations, deliver results and enable children to feel success and confidence in their physical being.

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Module 3 - Impact

Discover the difference you’ve made to your pupils with an impact assessment and evaluation system that works. Establish whether pupils are meeting expectations, evaluate their level of progression, discern how you can increase impact and become a leader of change.

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Embedding a Powerful Physical Curriculum:

Full Course

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Robbie Webb, PE Specialist and Primary School Teacher, St Judes C of E Primary Academy, Wolverhampton, UK.

"The content of this course has been brilliant. Very informative and worthwhile. So easy to put it into context, which makes it easier to use in my role. Have recommended to my colleagues across two schools."

Anna Grant, PE Lead.

These bite-sized courses are good for busy teachers. The 'Embedding a Powerful Curriculum' course really suits those new to being a PE Coordinator who have not already written their statements of intent, implementation, and impact.