Embedding a Powerful Physical Curriculum:

Intent Module


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Unit 1 - Your Curriculum – Your Design

The big question: How do you create a high-quality curriculum?

Learning, inspiration and laughter; three elements signalling a powerful curriculum.

The process of designing a high-quality curriculum outlined in this module is not specific only to the physical curriculum, it is a process that can be applied to each of your subjects to enhance impact.

Curriculum design is about cause and effect; robust design, remarkable effect.

You will consider the foundation upon which your curriculum is built, ensuring what underpins your curriculum is powerful, sturdy and will last.

As the unit progresses, you will hone in on the physical curriculum, gaging what it is and where it fits.

You’re probably no stranger to the complexity of the terminology surrounding the physical curriculum. That’s why this module clearly outlines and defines the terminology; only by knowing exactly what each aspect is, will you know what makes it good.

The very fact that you’re considering this module suggests you recognise the value of the physical curriculum. Completing this unit provides further insight into the benefits and presents a wealth of evidence showing those that continually develop and work with their physical being are happier, healthier and more successful.

Having completed unit 1, you’ll have developed the knowledge, gained the data and strengthened your passion to persuade leaders to invest in your school’s physical curriculum.

Unit 2 - Expecting the best from your children - Outcomes not outputs

The big question: What does a high-quality physical curriculum really look and feel like?

Only by establishing expectations for your children’s achievements, identifying effective learning and creating a vision, can ambitions for a high-quality physical curriculum be reached.

You’ll consider the steps children take as they progress through primary school PE, setting expectations and identifying progression.

To have aspirations for your pupils is to encourage them to have ambitions of their own and instil in them the belief that those ambitions can be reached. You will create a clear vision for your children describing what they will become as young people in a physical worldand, in turn, engage school staff, parents and pupils to sign up to the physical curriculum.

Now you’ve set your standards and created your vision, how can it all be achieved? Through high-quality learning. Drawing on the characteristics of effective learners and the skills of successful learning, determine the quality of learning you expect pupils to display every day.

Embedding a Powerful Physical Curriculum:

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Intent, implementation and impact make up one whole, that whole being a powerful physical curriculum embedded in your primary school. Each of the three modules feed into and strengthen one another; they form a cyclical process, one which you will gain in full. On completion of the course, you will have a fully formed, ready to action plan for your school’s physical curriculum and will have saved £250 in the process.

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