New course: A Recovery Curriculum - Planning a new approach to Physical Education, physical activity and school sport

The Covid-19 pandemic has not been a linear process. Just as we think life is getting back to ‘normal’, another variant comes along and everything changes. As teachers, what and how you teach your children is constantly in review, and the need to tend to children’s mental and physical health stays high on the agenda.

The term ‘Recovery Curriculum’ has been used by various people in various ways. In essence, it is about taking into account the experiences of the past two years and adapting what we do in light of those experiences.

Our new Recovery Curriculum course  helps you to navigate your way through this process.  

The central intentions for the course are to: 

  • Understand why a recovery curriculum is important at this time
  • Understand how physical education, physical activity and school sport can be used as a whole school platform, embedded throughout the day
  • Give you the knowledge, understanding and ability to enable...
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Physical Activity for Whole School Improvement with Andy Heald



Whole school improvement is no small matter. As a teacher, SLT member, or school governor, it is your responsibility to plan for and make changes that will have a positive impact on not only assessment data but also the wellbeing of all members of the school community.

As an experienced school governor, Andy Heald  is no stranger to school improvement and he believes that physical activity is key to success.

Listen to this week’s episode of The PE Huddle: Physical Activity for Whole School Improvement to find out more.


In the podcast, we discuss

  • The importance of asking “What is the bigger picture?” when looking at the PE curriculum
  • Why you should focus on the WHY, before the How and the What
  • Andy’s belief that Activity + Achievement = Fun
  • The need to create great physical activity experiences for children

Available to listen NOW wherever you get your podcasts



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West Midlands PE and School Sport Conference 2021 - Workshop leader: Crichton Casbon

We’re excited to announce that the inspirational Crichton Casbon will be leading not one, but TWO unmissable workshops at this year’s WMPESS conference.

  • Great Teaching in PE
  • Assessment in PE – made simple and usable


If you’re looking to make your PE lessons more memorable and meaningful, or wondering how to make assessing PE more than just a hoop to jump through, then these workshops are for you.


Crichton is a curriculum designer with a specialism in Physical Education and he really knows his stuff!


Crichton managed the implementation of the secondary curriculum in England for QCA and directed the PE and School Sport (PESS) project as part of the Government’s national strategy for PE and Sport. He has led the development of three national curriculum programmes of study in PE, national schemes of work and co-authored a book on assessment in PE. A former teacher of PE, geography and English, he has also worked as a LEA Adviser for...

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